Safe Use of Site Dumpers

Between 2005 and 2010, the Irish construction industry had seven fatalities involving site dumpers. In one instance, a pedestrian was hit. All other instances involved overturned dumpers. Safe use of site dumpers is critically important to avoid accident, injuries or death.

Dumpers vary in size and capacity and should be selected based on the task being undertaken to avoid overturning. Dumpers should have regular inspections and be deemed to be in proper working order.

Safety Do’s and Don’ts


Employers should ensure that precautions are being taken when operating site dumpers.

  • Ensure that drivers undergo proper training and hold a current CSCS card.
  • Give new drivers induction training covering traffic routes and specific hazards.
  • Drivers should wear the appropriate attire including high visibility jackets.
  • Drivers should wear seat belts at all times while operating dumpers.
  • A daily pre-check prior to operating a dumper. Any defects should be reported.
  • Check tires for wear and tear as well as proper tire pressure.
  • Make sure when loading, that the dumper is placed in neutral gear with the handbrake set.
  • Obey traffic plans.
  • Operate a dumper while under the influence of drugs or alcohol.
  • Allow anyone on the step of the dumper while the dumper is moving.
  • Operate a mobile phone while driving a site dumper.

Only employees with the proper training who are deemed competent and authorized should operate a dumper. Extreme care needs to be taken when operating a site dumper as this is a high risk activity. Employers should always ensure the safe use of site dumpers. Contact us for more information on inspections.

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