Good News for the Construction Industry

It has been reported across commercial and housing markets that there has been notable growth in the construction industry recently and it has been steadily rising since September 2013.  Good news for the construction industry. However, civil engineering activity is still weak. In 2016, the construction industry grew by 15% with a further 20% growth expected in 2017. House building activity alone increased by more then 40% in 2016. Sustained growth is predicted up to 2020. Currently, there are 137,000 people working in the construction industry directly.

Employment in the Construction Sector

Employment in the construction industry continues to grow. There were 9,000 new jobs in the construction sector in the third quarter of 2016.  There is a prediction of 1,000 new jobs every month. More  good news for the construction industry.

Job Market

Jobs include forklift operators, dumper drivers, foremen, and site engineers, among others. These jobs, in general, would require at least a valid Safe Pass. Other jobs may require training specific to the type of equipment to be used such as training to use a forklift.


There has also been a surge in construction apprentices recently. Apprenticeships are available for many different areas of construction. For anyone who left Ireland in search of work abroad, now is a great time to return especially if you are in the construction industry.

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